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Paul Locatelli & Brian DeDiego

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What do you get when two very successful realtors sit down and decide to talk openly about everything ? “The Real Estate, Sex & Gossip” podcast is what. REAL ESTATE Join Paul Locatelli and Brian DeDiego as the unleash a “no filter” conversation each episode where nothing is safe. Listen in for some dramatic real estate success stories and stay tuned for some vignettes of colossal business and sometimes personal failures. SEX Paul was a Versace model in the 90’s …. Brian was buying houses. Brian has made a cottage industry to find out what the hell was going on at these photo shoots with all the beautiful people. The podcast is his last attempt to force Paul to divulge all the dirty secrets that he is convinced are being hidden. GOSSIP Rule #1 Speak the truth. Rule #2 EVERYTHING is on the table, simply apply Rule #1 before detonation. Brian & Paul will dig in to not only trending national gossip, but give time each episode to the local scene ( Including verifying/denying the rumor mill that includes their names ) Guest include national & local celebrities, leaders in business, athletes & entertainers. Host : Brian Upton

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